The Salt of the Earth

I have decided to give up on alcohol, well, almost. There will be no more spirits from now on, no more Cava, no more cocktails, no spritzers, no highballs, no beer, no cider. There will be one exception though, red wine. One cannot live in Mallorca and offer a daily photo blog and not be involved with wine, wine making, wine festivals or wine tasting. So it is going to be Vino Tinto in, everything else out, from now on.

That makes me sound a serious alcoholic when I don’t think I am (that’s what alcoholics tend to say, don’t they). I think I may have ten units during a one month period, when that may be the intake of many people in a night out or two.

I make mention of this because yesterday, I participated in an activity that the Els Amics dels Closos put on in and around Felanitx, a six weeks long Cicle del Vi a Felanitx (Felanitx wine series). It started off three weeks go with a round-table colloquium on the recent changes in vinicultural production, here in Mallorca. Then, last week we could visit the Bodega of Ànima Negra to test their offerings. Yesterday, a group of some 35 interested folks were invited to visit the Celler of 4 Kilos where we heard Francesc Grimalt talk about the most important component of wine making, the soil. We also tasted two different red wines in five different states of evolution (see photo above), albeit not their latest creation, Gallinas & Focas.

Next week, we will visit the Bodega of Vi d’Auba and a week later, that of Armero i Adrover. The wine tasting Bodega visits are open to the public but places are limited. You can put your name down in person at Paperería Ramon Llull in Felanitx; attendance fee is a modest 2 €.

The wine series will conclude in June with a colloquium on the different processes involved in the making and cultivation of wine. I think that one will be offered free of charge. You can check for details on the Amics blog should you want to do so. Salut.

The photo was taken in Felanitx, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: May 5th, 2012. The time was 11:19:59.

The Salt of the Earth

Solar Activity

I think that the weather in Mallorca is predominantly influenced by the moon. But the unstable weather pattern here over the last week or so with high winds may well have been a consequence of the recent geomagnetic storms on the Sun and its reported Full halo plasma cloud heading toward Earth. The outlook on continuing solar activity is currently unsettled. The weather men in Mallorca continue to give us Yellow Alert for coastal areas in the North of the island for today, with winds calming down from tomorrow.

The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report reported:

The geomagnetic field was quiet to major storm on March 8. Solar wind speed at SOHO ranged between 456 and 828 km/s. A strong solar wind shock was observed at SOHO at 10:53 UTC, the arrival of the CMEs observed after the X flares on March 7. The initial part of the geomagnetic disturbance was much weaker than expected. Although it is unpredictable what happens when two CMEs interact, it isn’t unusual that the magnetic fields carried along by the CMEs are partly neutralized in the merge process. The disturbance has intensified early on March 9 with major storm conditions observed 01-04h UTC.

whilst the Space Weather Prediction Center gives us the following Geophysical Activity Forecast:

The geomagnetic field is expected to be under the influence of the current CME through early on day 1. Unsettled to active conditions, with isolated minor storm periods, are possible is expected as the CME continues to wane. Early to mid-day on day 2 (11 March), the CME associated with today’s M-6 flare is expected to become geoeffective. Active to severe storm periods are expected with this event. Unsettled to active conditions, with isolated minor storm periods, are possible on day 3 (12 March) as conditions are expected to slowly dissipate.

The weather forecast for the beginning of the week promises the wind speed to be decreasing from the recent 24 knots (Thursday) and 20 knots (yesterday) to 16 knots (today) to 12 knots (tomorrow) and 6 knots (Monday), according to WindGuru.

Thank you very much, you wise men.

The photo was taken in Cala d’Or, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: March 9th, 2012. The time was 12:32:08.

Solar Activity