The Gordian Knot


The skilled tying of knots is a very challenging task to master as any sailor or fisherman will tell you, or any boy scout for that matter.

There are knots for just about any purpose one can think of, like the sailor’s knot, the hangman’s knot, the fisherman’s bend, the builder’s hitch or the surgeon’s knot. I imagine there must be hundreds of different knot ties. I also imagine that our Mallorcan hosts would know a lot about knots considering their history of seafaring, piracy, smuggling and so forth.

A selection of forty knots is displayed below courtesy of the Internet, in case you would want to teach your children about a knot or two.


The IV Fira Nàutic in Port d’Alcúdia will be held today and tomorrow (April 4th to 5th). An array of marine knots will be on display there, too, no doubt. We are also promised a display of vela llatina boats, which I understand to be the sailing version of the Mallorcan llaüt fishing boat. Whilst I am neither a sailor nor a fishing enthusiast, llaüts is what I would expect to find at this nautical fair and they are why I will be heading up north tomorrow. Apart from boats, there will be displays of trivia, history, culture and customs, all directly related to the tradition of boating and fishing here in Mallorca.


The boat fair is fittingly paired with a Mostra Gastronòmica de la Sípia, a cuttlefish fair. 37 restaurants or so will participate in the affair. I understand that a huge tent will be erected in Port d’Alcúdia’s Moll Pesquer where a range of sepia dishes and other morsels can be tasted for a few Euros per sample. Sailing makes hungry I suppose, and boat viewing just the same I would have thought.

The photo was chosen from my archive. It was taken in Portocolom, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: November 3rd, 2007. The time was 18:47:30.

The Gordian Knot