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Bon Dia

My name is Klaus Fabricius. This one-photo-every-day blog is meant to be about my home, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, as much as it is meant to be about me.

I live in Spain, but I am not Spanish. I am German. I love living here. I am male. I am curious.

Oh yes. Every photo displayed on this blog is of my own making (luckily, in a perfect world there are exceptions. If ever I should publish a photo or an image that was not of my own creation, I will say so).

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  1. wow, you live in my dream island. i’m from egypt and all i’m thinking about is how to go to mallorca.
    i save money and try to learn spanish but it seems like a far away dream and it will never come true.
    now u know why i envy you.

  2. Dear sir,

    I’m a mallorcan who is in front of the nearly elections, thinking that the better for mallorca would be to have an own “diputado” in madrid. I want to send an email to friend to help in the diffusion of the message of the party “unitat per les illes”.

    I very would like to use one of your pictures (published on “to see the sea”) for make more beautiful this email.
    Please, if you have any problem on this, write to me.

    Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

    Thanks for your writings.


  3. Habe leider Deine e-Mail auf meinem anderen Rechner […] Schickste mal Deine Adresse oder aktivierst mich mal in Skype?
    LG. Margret

  4. Good idea, the photoblog. I wonder if you would like to post a photo of the palmashirt. I could send you some pictures. This shirt is meant to promote the wonderful city!

  5. Nice to find your blog (I was looking for something concerning the mosque in Felanitx which I like to support – you made a good comment, thanks!

    I am a German psychologist and I am working sometimes near Felanitx with people (mostly from Germany, but sometimes from America and from Britain, too) having problems with burnout and/or alcohol.

    My daughter is now 18 and studying “International Relations” and “Arabic” in Edinburgh. She had finished school at the Instituto in Felanitx.

    I ask Fairuz if she got the possibility to come to Mallorca? If she wants, she could visit me and my family near Felanitx.

    Go on with your nice fotos!


  6. Hi,
    I too live in this glorious island. Your photos are tremendous and do you and our adopted home great credit.
    I am interested in sourcing Organically Produced Olives and Olive Oil. In your travels are there any producers you think I could talk to?

  7. Well, I’m Spanish but don’t live in Spain! My father was born and raised in Mallorca and we have family and many friends there. I was there last month to visit and miss it already. Today I stumbled upon your fabulous blog and have bookmarked it for a daily dose of my beloved Mallorca. Thank you for making it possible. You are very, very talented (and lucky!) Juana María

  8. Very nice site. My wife and I are going to be staying in Palma for 12 days in October. We look forward to seeing many of the wonderful places you have photographed. I hope to capture much of the beauty of the island in photo’s and video.

    I’d love to see more photos of the Old Town of Palma.


  9. Hello

    Could you contact me I am hoping to buy one of your photos for use in a magazine I work for in London?

    Many thanks


  10. oh
    Dr. Coletta Damm thank u so much for your invitation
    it’s been long time from the last time i vist that site and u don’t know my Surprise to see ur commint after almost a year from mine so i just envy u for living in this wonderfull land and i’m really glad for the idea of knowing some body there so if u can plz try to contact with me in my email

  11. Hi

    My name’s Barry and I publish a free arts and culture magazine here in Mallorca. We’ve just launched our website and I was wondering if we could place a link to your excellent and informative photoblog? I only thought it polite to ask.

    All the best


  12. Hello,

    I think your photos are great. I’m setting up a website featuring Mallorca news and feature articles. If you would like to be a part of this then please contact me.



  13. Love the Blog as I live mostly in Mallorca as well as UK & as a photographer myself love the pics as well as the knowledgeable write ups.
    Have tried to find a calendar so I can attend some of these events, which are mainly written about in the press AFTER the event!
    Marshall Taylor

  14. Keep up the excellent work. I love your website and find it very informative.
    I am visiting Porto Petro the first week in September. Is there anything
    of interest to see?
    Kind Regards
    Mark (Nottingham UK)

  15. Came across your site by accident was looking for something else – can’t remember now! – as just got drawn in by your wonderful, informative and interesting site. Have a house in Porto Petro and live half and half in the UK. Will definately be keeping a close eye on your site for interesting places to do or go see. Loved it thank you.
    Would also like to do a language course in the area, do you know of one that you could recommend?
    Many thanks,

  16. I am English, my husband is from California and we have lived here in Mallorca for one year now. I read your photoblog everyday and have found it very helpful in understanding the Mallorcan culture and way of life – which is why we came. A huge thank you and please keep up the good work! It’s evident that you really love this island and its people.
    Last week my husband and I were talking about links between Mallorca and Hawaii, particularly Honolulu. I was surprised and thrilled when I read on your blog the next morning about the beach safety conference and Kaala who had come to speak from…Honolulu! Through the link to his website we were able to get in contact with him and had a fantastic meeting at the weekend. We are now pursuing possible connections between the islands. We would never have met had it not been for your blog. Thank you. What you are writing is not only interesting and informative, it is very important for Mallorca and it’s history and heritage.
    PS. We are also sad that we will not be having turkey this Thanksgiving, but we’ll make do with a chicken!

  17. I stumbled upon your blog by accident and I really find it informative, but I didn’t found any information how to contact you. I adore to chat with people who are creative and open-minded.

  18. Lieber Herr Fabricius,
    wir sind interessiert an der Veröffentlichung eines Ihrer Bilder.
    Bitte schreiben Sie mir an redaktionsassistent@verlagshaus.def, dann sende ich Ihnen die weiteren Informationen zu und um welches Bild es sich handelt.
    Vielen Dank und viele Grüße.

    • hallo frau barth,
      gerne. wir muessten nur zusammen kommen. ich habe sie schon zweimal angemailt, aber bisher ohne resonanz. ist das etwa im spam-ordner gelandet?
      freundliche gruesse.
      klaus fabricius

  19. Hi, Love the site.. Love the photos – makes me miss Mallorca.

    Can I ask how you found life initially in Mallorca in terms of making friends, adjusting to the language, finding jobs and health care?


  20. Hallo Klaus,

    wenn ich hier so ein bischen rumschmöker in den ganzen Beiträgen, dann vermisse ich schon die schöne Zeit auf Mallorca. Ich find auch schön, wie hier die manchmal unspektakulären Dinge festgehalten sind. Das ist wie ein Spaziergang über die Insel. An jeder Ecke gibt es was zu entdecken. So macht das Inselerkunden Spaß.

    Liebe Grüße


  21. Hi Fabricius – who are you really? I am just about to come over to Medina Mayurka – my family and i go back generations there – we have places in Deia, Banyabufar, Costitx (Son Tomasset), Son Ferreret Vell (Santanyi), Cala Llombarts (from 1950 onwards) The Cave – Portals Vells – Fornalutx – Carrer Palau Reial No4 – we must know you – we must have met?
    All the best

  22. Hi Klaus,
    What an excellent Mallorcan resource! Thanks for supplying such beautiful photography and insight into life in Mallorca. I’ll be moving to Alcudia at the end of September, and have been looking for general information about the island. I came across your site for the first time today and am very impressed and thankful to have found it. Looking forward to your future posts and photos!

  23. I would like to say how much I enjoy your blog, I only found it by chance a few months ago, what luck!
    I live in Santanyi yet learn so much from your features.
    I wonder if you have ever written about Es Pontas, the arched rock between Cala Santanyí and Cala Llombards? Have a look at to see a remarkable piece of climbing.
    Apologies if you are familiar with this.
    Best wishes,

  24. Hello mallorcaphotoblog.

    Thank you for the time an energy required to maintain this site. It is a refreshing site to visit.

    Question: on holiday in September on Mallorca, we were fortunate to have 4 Kilos at a meal, then we found it in Barcelona as well. As an aside, we did spend a couple of hours with Barbara and Jaume Mesquida at their facility in Porreras. Do you know her? If you do, has she delivered her child yet? They were incredibly gracious and friendly hosts, and we shared a fair quantity of their wine!

    Sadly, when we returned to California, I determined 4 Kilos is not distributed in the US. In looking at their web site, it is distributed seemingly everywhere but but the US.

    Do you know anyone associated with the winery well enough to ask if they plan to distribute to the US? I have been unable to receive a reply, likely due to my not speaking Catalan.

    Thank you

  25. Nice photos! I’ve lived in Mallorca for over 5 years. I’m surprised that I have never seen this photoblog before. Nice to see all of the old places I use to visit. Keep it up. BTW, where do you find time to do it everyday!! Feel free to check out some of my Spain pics too!

  26. Hello,
    I was wondering if you accept guest posts for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. You can see a sample of my work at under the author James Mowery. I’ve also written for several high-profile blogs like Mashable, Performancing, and CMSWire. Thank you for your time.

  27. I have been reading your daily photo blog about your island home of Mallorca, Spain, with great interest. You barely touched on what I am interested in getting information on, coal and the mining of the “burning rock” in one post. Despite some serious web searching I have not been able to discover much information on the coal industry there, except that coal is no longer mined on the island.
    Why am I interested? I’m writing a series of novels based in the First Century BC in Northern Hispania and Southern Gaul and would like to include some information on coal (which really wasn’t used for cooking or metal working at the time) but it seems to me that the knowledge of coal resources on the islands, “the rock that burns”, must have been present.
    If you know of a source of information about the early mining of coal, the closer to the First Century the better, I hope you can direct me to the source.
    I live in Northern California, USA, and am a retired newspaper journalist and publisher.
    Thanks in advance.

  28. Super blog! I’m a transplanted Californian and have been living in Mallorca, on and off for the past 3 years. Your posts have given me not only great ideas for fun and new things to explore on the island, but a lot of insight into the culture, politics, and daily on-goings on the island. I’ve just started a food-centric blog with a friend of mine, would love to hear any suggestions you might have for the best of the best on the island.

  29. I really love reading your blog. Having spent a number of holidays cycling on the island, I have been fortunate enough to see a great amount of Mallorca, but you always are able to bring me something new. Thanks. Looking forward to coming back again in March next year for 2 weeks – will have to keep watching your posts while I wait to return!
    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next posts.

  30. I have to confess I am slightly addicted to your daily blog, which I find an excellent morning read here in London.
    I wrote four travel pieces in Mallorca a few weeks ago and discovered your blog, as one does, by accident. It is very informative, well written, and a constant source of interest to me. I occasionally forward it to several people to whom I think the subjectmatter might appeal.
    You write, at first hand, about the Mallorca that interests me, as opposed to the volume of material written about the island’s tourism that doesn’t interest me.
    At first, I thought your blog was written by a man I met in Porreres (I have tried to attach a photo but failed!!) whose first name is Richard. I apologise, I cannot remember his second name, but he is very well known there. If you do not know him already you should meet. He is of American/Scottish extraction but probably more inducted into the ways of Mallorca than many of his neighbours. He has lived in the village for many years and the few hours I spent talking with him were as valuable as reading your blog. If I remember his second name I will email you.
    Keep up the good work!

    • hi derek,
      i was really pleased about your comment the other day. no, i am not richard, and i do not even seem to know the man. sounds an interesting person, though. if you ever remember the surname, perhaps you can let me know.
      sometimes it is good to get some feedback from my reader(s). it is gratifying to hear that someone else shares an interest in the mallorca that i know. this is a fantastic place and i am more than happy to share my passion on a daily basis.
      when i checked on, i could not find any of your contributions. where might i have gone wrong?
      take care,

  31. Hi Klaus,

    Thankyou for your reply. I write from high in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco which I mention because until two hours ago we were sitting in the sunshine enjoying a last few rays – in December!

    In got to “weekend breaks” where most of the artivcles are written by me under the name “the weekender”. Look under ‘weekends in Spain’ and you’ll find the four I was referring to. Don’t be too disappointed!


  32. I came across to this photoblog and I’d like to give you my congratulations, good work. I was in Mallorca last year and I like the island very much, although I only was there for two days. I invite you to visit my photos of Mallorca.

  33. Hi, I am the Editor of AngloINFO Balearics and I’m looking for great blogs about the Balearic Islands. Your photos are beautiful.
    Although partnering your blog with our site is not ‘paid’, there are big advantages to you in writing a blog for AngloINFO. Each blogger has an “about” area where you can introduce yourself and link to your own blog, website or portfolio. You also retain copyright of anything you write for us and all photos, and our search engine strength means that you will get to an extremely wide audience – which can in turn have a knock on effect to other things. The Balearic site is linked to 58 other AngloINFO sites… the world is your oyster! Please contact me by email if you are interested in learning more and/or visit this page:

  34. Hello Klaus,
    My great, great grandfather and his ancestors owned Son Valls starting in the 1600’s and I have been engaged in research of this part of my family for a long time, so I am very happy to find your website and get your photo updates. My great, great grandfather moved to the Americas in the late 1800’s after a nasty court battle in Manacor with other members of the Valls family over the sale of Son Valls properties. By the way, do you have any more photos or other information about Son Valls of the Valls family?

  35. Hi there.

    I’m founder of – which is actually a blog community. We’re currently recruiting bloggers, of all subjects and professions to contribute.

    I think your blog is a fantastic example of what we are looking for – it is fun, specific, informative, and well written, with great imagery.

    We already have a WalkedThru French Fiviera blog, and I think your blog would be an excellent addition!

    So with that I would love to invite you to visit our community, and to ask you if you would like us to list your blog under WalkedThru Mallorca perhaps?

    Luke ‘SkyWalker’ Connelly

  36. Lieber Klaus Fabricius,
    obschon ich der englischen Sprache nicht kundig bin, beeindruckt mich dein Mallorca Daily Photo Blog immer wieder so sehr, dass ich mir auf meiner kleinen Web-Site erlaubt habe, einen Link zu selbiger zu setzen. Ich hoffe du hast nichts dagegen…
    Liebe Grüsse auf die Insel…

    • hallo norbert schneckenburger,
      danke fuer die blumen. ich habe frueher auch einen deutschen mallorca foto blog veroeffentlicht, aber wegen mangelnder nachfrage nicht fortgefuehrt. das mit dem link ist ok; vielen dank auch dafuer.

  37. Hello,
    Can you contacte me at eoin.higgins*at* please, at your earliest convenience! I am looking for someone to assist with a magazine feature. My name is Eoin.

  38. Hi there, I just want to share with you an inspirational video I made of Mallorca a few months ago, hope you like it and share it with more people. thanks!

  39. Bonjour cher Organisateurs et Organisatrices,
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    Chers Messieurs et Dames,
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    Dans l’espoir d’une suite favorable à notre requête, nous vous prions chers organisateurs, de bien vouloir prendre en considération l’expression de nos hautes estimes.

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  40. I’m from Lluchmayor living in New Orleans, La….bon-dia is an inspiration for all of us missing so much our beautiful home away from home…. thank you for keeping us closed to our fantastic Mallorca, Always,

  41. Hi, Klaus!
    Ich wünsche Euch von ganzem Herzen ein wundervolles Jahr 2015: Mögen all Eure Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen!
    Abrazo Margret

  42. Dear team,
    I’m writing from Fet a Sóller. It’s a local company of typical foods and drinks from Mallorca. We want to ask you if it’s possible to make a link in your website to ours and of course, from our website to your blog.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hola Xisca,
      thank you for your interest in my Mallorca Photo Blog. This is not a team, I am a one man band. I have no objection to Fet a Sóller linking up with my blog. I can, however, not reciprocate your possible link as my blog is not a commercial undertaking and I do not do any commercial links whatsoever. That is a principle rule.
      Thank you again.
      Un saludo,

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