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Alive and Kicking

boa Manacor Mallorca

Blogging is a strange and sometimes funny business.

I have been blogging about Mallorca, and a few other topics, more or less regularly since 2005. After a number of initial blog ventures, I started The Mallorca Photo Blog as a daily blogging exercise on June 10th, 2007, and kept it up rigorously until September 14th, 2012, when I was rushed to hospital for a major heart scare. After my recovery, I decided to take things, and blogging, more leisurely. I started the not-so-daily Mallorca Observed but for some reason, this new venture did not click the way I had expected, neither with my audience nor with my own self. In a parallel way, I was already busy with some other Mallorca-related blog activities, such as Postcards From Felanitx, Postcards From SantanyíPostcards From The Real Mallorca and Plantarum Maioricarum. Earlier this year, I started two new blogs, A Year in Mallorca and True Mallorca. Oh yes, and there is Son Alegre Ecològic a blog about a wine making venture that I am involved in.

Amongst all these blogs and over the last five weeks, I seem to have composed 36 new blog entries, almost one per day, and I seem to be back to where I was before disaster struck. I’m not sure that I want history to repeat itself. My wife thinks that I am mad. I think she’s right and I accept that I have to get my priorities right, one way or other. One thing is for sure: I am rather madly in love with this wonderful island. I’ve been living here full-time since 1987 and we wouldn’t stay here if we weren’t loving it. I am also sure that I want to continue blogging; it seems that this is an activity where I appear to have something to offer.

The alternatives seem to be that I either reactivate this very blog, The Mallorca Photo Blog, or that I concentrate on one or two blogs, like the two new ventures started in 2015, A Year in Mallorca and True Mallorca, plus perhaps the wine one. I shall be thinking about it a bit more, sleeping on it and making a decision; I shall let you know what that will be.

In the meantime, why don’t you let me know what you think about it all?

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  1. Hi Klaus, How lovely to receive that blog drop into my inbox this morning. I followed the Photo Blog for years with keen interest and although I was up to date with your less frequent replacement – I had no idea about the other titles.

    Whilst I wouldn’t want you to overdo things – whatever you do will be most welcome and I will now log onto all those other blogs. Thank you. We’ve all missed you. Keep well.
    Diane Hughes xxx

    • Hello Diane,
      thanks for your keen interest and your kind words. I’ll be blogging some more, of course, trying to not overdo things.
      Island Klaus

  2. Glad you are alive and kicking Klaus.
    I love the blog, but random is the nicest. Maybe 1 or 2 a month then I get the feeling that post trauma you now only blog when fully inspired. So I read it with excitement.
    I believe this random inspiration, when you feel compelled to say something is the a tonic for good health. And the inspiration passes over to others. Where as if you feel any feeling of having to make yourself write, this has the opposite effect. If it flows let it flow. This is the life force flowing.
    Well you asked…


  3. I always enjoyed your daily blog but I can see it isn’t worth ill health and you seem to be an all or nothing man! Why not a weekly blog in same style as the daily one? Does that make sense?

  4. Good to hear you are well and it’s been good getting your blog again. We have a place in Santanyi and visit as often as we can when the children get time off school. We love it…. Priority is your health so your wife is right but you also have to enjoy life!! Best Carl

  5. Hi Klaus, good to see and read: you’re back in biznez. Wish you all the best with your health & your beloved blog… I am looking forward to read more. As a majorcan resident myself you showed me/us a lot more of this lovely island than I had imagined. Solidly researched, nicely written, great photos.

    Saludos y salud

  6. I applaud your blogging committments, it must take it’s toll maintaining all your blogs but credit to you for keeping on top of them all and great to see this one spring back into life! 🙂

  7. Always enjoy your blog great to have you back!
    Keep the original blog. But may be reduce to once a week?!
    Stay healthy!
    And thanks

  8. Hello, Klaus! I was so pleased to see this more personal post come through my RSS this morning; I’ve been wondering how you were doing, with your health, blogging status, etc. As your other commenters have mentioned, blogging at a cadence that works for you — both from a health and personal enjoyment perspective — is best. Sometimes this is easier said than done though, right?

    I hadn’t realized that you were also working on those other blogs! I imagine that it’s hard to manage all of them, and feel like you’re doing them all justice. Once I got married, I started a more personal, family-based blog outside of Jet Set With Mary, mostly because I wanted the content to be a bit different. With your creative mind, my guess is that you also wanted different outlets for the various content themes you wanted to share or write about, yes?

    Regardless, you have truly helped inspire many people, myself included, about the beautiful island of Mallorca. I think back fondly of my time on the island, and many of those meaningful moments and memories are attributed to you. Stay well, and I’ll take some time today to check out your other blogs! 🙂


    • Hello Mary,
      it was so nice to hear from you. I know your second, the family blog, and read it quite regularly. What a delight to see your little princess grow into a young lady. Congratulations on your bun in the oven so to speak. I’m envious of your time in Hawaii. I have fond memories of your new island.
      My best wishes to you all,
      un abrazo fuerte,

  9. I am very happy to hear how you are and to see that you are still busy. Personally I think if you love what you are doing then keep doing it. A lot of people appreciate it, myself included xxx

  10. Hello Klaus,  
    Your “The Mallorca Photo Blog” is fantastic and you should keep it going. I think you can add more content to it, if you desire, to keep it easier to manage. You helped me in the past with finding my ancestors’ history and you keep me informed on the fabulous place you call home and my ancestral home.  
    Keep it up, but take it easy.

    • Hello Fernando,
      nice to hear from you. Thank you very much for your comments. It is good to know that my blogging activity has some real life effect on the other side of the oceans. Just to let you know, Son Valls is doing fine. Have a look at this link: for the photos.
      Take care,

  11. Klaus
    A wonderful blog, very informative and well written. I am coming to Majorca for the first time with my family in the first week of April. We actually fly in on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. I love wildlife and landscapes and I am excited about seeing and smelling the blossom from the oranges and other fruits. I think, reading your blog, we should be on the island at the right time, but too late for almonds?
    We are probably staying at Soller. Will all the restaurants be closed on Easter Sunday? In a way, it would be nice if they were!

    • Hello Simon,
      thank you for your kind words. April is perfect for a first time holiday; it is probably the best month of the year. You will miss the Easter processions but there is a lovely Encontrada ceremony on that Sunday morning outside the parish church in Sóller. Yes, it will be far too late for the almond blossoms. Peach and prune trees will flower just before Easter. Orange trees should have started flowering already by then.
      Most restaurants will be open on Easter Sunday. After all, Easter is when the tourist season starts and business comes first in Mallorca. Sóller and Port de Sóller are perfect for a family holiday. Enjoy.

  12. Your health must come first! How about just a weekly blog? All the others could be subsumed in it.
    I have enjoyed your writing over many years.

  13. Dear Klaus,
    I’ve been remiss in checking your blog of late and it is such a delightful surprise to see that you’re back in the saddle, though do take care of yourself. I, along with your numerous devotees, look forward to your sharing. BTW, many thanks for providing information on your other bloggings. Blessings and good wishes.

    • Hello David,
      good to hear from you. Thanks for your good wishes and blessings. I shall try and keep the Mallorca Photo Blog active for a bit longer. I have just changed the blog’s looks; let’s see where this will take us.
      All the best,

  14. I am planning to visit Mallorca this year. Any chance that you can give me information about Señor Montserrat Pons Boscana and his farm? Is it any public events to attend?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Tatiana,
      you might wish to prepare your visit to Mallorca and possibly to Señor Montserrat’s fig farm with some frequent checks of the man’s Facebook page. Public events are held quite frequently, either at the farm or at other places near and far. In my experience these events would always be publicised on that Facebook page. Good luck.

  15. Dear Mallorca Photoblog,
    I much enjoy your various postings. Long may the good work continue!
    I attach a piece that I have recently written for Cambridge University students of Geography who visit the island. I am curious to know why those fascist regalia still adorn that Civil War monument in Soller. We visited it last week. Can you explain?
    Best wishes,
    Tim Bayliss-Smith

    • Hello Tim,
      I’m sorry it has taken a while for me to get round to conform to your curiosity. The answer is simple, really: Spain continues to be a truly conservative country, in the main ruled by the Catholic Church and right-winged politicians. The deplorable past of its Civil War is shamefully ignored and tabooed, in Sóller and elsewhere. The young generation exposes fascist regalia such as the monument in Sóller but it usually takes years if not decades until something is finally done. The governing Partido Popular is a successor of the earlier Alianza Popular, a party founded by Manuel Fraga, a member of the Franco government from 1962 to 1969. As long as the PP holds fort in Spain, in the Balears and in Palma de Mallorca, there is little chance that the persisting spirit of Francoism in Spain will be defeated.
      I understand from press reports that a political decision has been made in Sóller to soften the local Civil War monument. If and when this will be done remains to be seen. Nothing will happen for the moment or before the upcoming regional and municipal elections on May 24th.
      Klaus Fabricius

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