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Leylines in Mallorca

You may have heard at least something about Leylines without realising exactly what they were. I found an interesting website on the subject; you could have a read and find some more information there.

But did you know that there supposedly is an intricate web of Leylines here, in Mallorca?

I was shown a map only the other day that a friend’s friend had drawn, based on geomantic information, and it appears that all Leylines in Mallorca seem to converge in Porreras, in fact, at the sanctuary of Monti-Sion, on the outskirts of Porreras.

I just thought I let you know, in case you should be interested.

The photo was chosen from my archive. It was taken near Porreras, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: November 1st, 2007. The time was 16:48:34.

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  1. Hi, I just read your blog about leylines at Mallorca.
    as I am living in Mallorca, I would be interested to hear more about these leylines here…
    Can you give me more informatio?

  2. Hi, just like Flora above, as I am thinking to move to Mallorca to the Pollensa region from Cornwall (plenty of known leylines here) I would be grateful for more info on the subject.
    thank you so much
    with kind regards

  3. Hi,
    just like the other 2 ladies I’m interested in leylines. I live in Soller, have participated in the 2 portal openings in Mallorca (11 Feb 2007 the 8th on Gaia) and other energetic adventures including 2 trips to Wiltshire to experience crop circles. Please share any info you have regarding ley lines here, many thanks!
    Namaste, Mary Lynn

    • Hi Mary-Lynn,
      If you are still in Majorca, I had the Impuls to go there and “work” with the activation of the Leylines. Happy if you could send some info!
      Kind regards

  4. Anyone still on this conversation?
    I live in Ruberts (near to the ancient town of Sineu) and understand my Finca is built on Ley-lines
    Any idea?

  5. I see that Monte-Sion seems to be at the hub of many of the straight streets in that area. I have my website (click on yellow button at top right, “Lyn, Sacred Strathearn” which shows that most of the straight streets in my home town of Crieff in Scotland have its straight streets aligned with standing stones and circles, and most of the outlying country roads in a similar fashion. There are some glacial erratic boulders (probably placed there by man) which are aligned or at least incorporated in the design. Even the irrigation ditches built by the monks are aligned! My Youtube shows how this has been designed and also how to amplify the energies from the standing stones.

  6. I’m coming to Majorca for about a week. Can you send information where I can find exactly the points of intersection of leylines. Greetings from Poland

    • Hi there, I received in a remote viewing session to go an “fix” the key lines. Going to Majorca in a few days, if you found the intersection plz let me know!

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