Better lock your house carefully when you go out for a stroll.

Someone was very careful in the case shown here not to let anybody in whilst they were out.

The photo was taken at the Castell de Santueri, near Felanitx, one of Mallorca’s 13th Century castles.

It would appear that this castle ruin is privately owned. I would have thought that historic monuments should belong to all of us, as does the coastline.

The photo was taken near the town of Felanitx, Mallorca, Spain. The date: October 20th, 2007. The time was 15:48:25.


Churros and Hot Chocolate


One of the delights of Spanish cuisine, in the sweets department, are churros, as seen in the photo.

Churros are deep-fried pastries that are offered from churrería stands at local markets and fairs throughout Spain.

The best way, in my view, to eat churros is sitting down in a Xocolateria in Mallorca, probably in the capital, Palma de Mallorca, and having it with a taza de chocolate caliente. That’s real, and hot, and thick, chocolate to drink. Divine. Try it.

The photo was taken in the village of Campos, Mallorca, Spain. The date: October 18th, 2007. The time was 18:13:56.

Churros and Hot Chocolate

Birds on the Wire


The pigeons on the wire in the distance made me think of that old 1969 Leonard Cohen song, Bird on the Wire.

I saw the motif when I was out on a walk yesterday afternoon, with my wife and our dog, in gorgeous, almost hot weather. It felt like a beautiful late Summer day.

The photo was taken near the village of Son Mesquida, near Felanitx, Mallorca, Spain. The date: October 28th, 2007. The time was 15:54:11.

Birds on the Wire

It’s Not All Bad News


Mallorca is going through a strange year, weather-wise.

Summer came late this year and was rather short, and it was not very hot. Autumn now has seen some tornados, some severe destruction and a lot of rain. Farmers suffer from the unpredictability of weather patterns.

But it is not all bad news. Where there is rain there might be a rainbow or two. Rainbows are called arcos de iris, in Spanish. That’s iris like in the eye.

The photo was taken near the village of Ca’s Concos des Cavaller, Mallorca, Spain. The date: October 25th, 2007. The time was 18:12:31.

It’s Not All Bad News

Spanish Bacalao Delights


Some of Spain’s most popular fish recipes evolve around Bacalao, dried and salted codfish. It is safe to say that the Basque people, along with Gallegos, influenced Spanish food habits greatly with the introduction of this speciality from the northern shores of Spain.

Bacalao is traditionally sold in its dried and salted version, as seen in today’s photo, but in recent years Bacalao can also be bought fresh in local fish markets. Both varieties are considered a gastronomic delight. One good thing about Bacalao is, that cod can not be bred in fish farms.

If and when you prepare dried salted Bacalao, do not forget to soak the codfish for at least 4 hours in cold water,  change the water for better taste, and soak for 4 hours more.

Due to some severe overfishing in the last few decades, Bacalao is now not as inexpensive as it used to be.

The photo was taken in the town of Felanitx, Mallorca, Spain. The date: October 21st, 2007. The time was 12:21:53.

Spanish Bacalao Delights

Hunting Allowed


On a walk through Mallorca’s countryside you will have come across this sign, Coto Privado de Caza. If you were licensed to hunt in Mallorca, or Spain, you would be allowed to enter the land here and hunt for rabbits, partridges, pheasants or other small game, provided you have paid your fees.

Obtaining a temporary hunting license in Spain is relatively easy. You need to be adult, have a clean police record in your own country, have no unpaid parking offenses in Spain, and pass a medical examination.

But you have to stick to the hunting periods, which seem to get shorter and shorter every year. The hunting season for small animals this year extends from October 1st, 2007, until January 31st, 2008. Hunting with rifles in Mallorca is currently restricted to Thursdays and Sundays only.

The photo was chosen from my archive. It was taken near the town of Felanitx, Mallorca. The date: October 12th, 2006. The time was 17:05:57.

Hunting Allowed

Setas, Ceps, Girgolas and Wild Mushrooms


One of the pleasures of the autumn season in Mallorca is the prevalence of wild mushrooms in the local markets.

Even bigger selections of setas, ceps, girgolas and other wild mushrooms are on offer in the main markets of Palma de Mallorca, mainly in Mercat Olivar, Mercat Santa Catalina and Mercat Pere Garau.

A number of Mallorcan restaurants put on special Wild Mushroom Weeks during October and November. Check your local newspaper for any such activity.

The photo was chosen from my archive. It was taken in Palma de Mallorca. The date: October 5th, 2005. The time was 10:39:34.

Setas, Ceps, Girgolas and Wild Mushrooms