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Apologies to all loyal MDPB readers, but due to some medical problems of a rather serious character, there will be a temporary period of no daily blog entries. Even though I had given up smoking 31 years ago, it seems that the heart remembers the sins of a young person. I am abroad at the moment, far away from Mallorca, and far away from computers or anything digital other than hospital equipment, and I do not know at this moment when I will be back and able to once again entertain you. I promise to keep you up-to-date as soon as I possibly can. Molts d’anys.


Just a quick update to let you know that Klaus had his operation a week ago today (28.09). Everything went well and he is recovering well and is in good spirits. He misses his blog and he misses you all. Thanks for your wonderful well-wishes. Thank you.

Ex Nicotine

The Berber New Year

Today, I want to wish a happy Yennayer (or Yennair) to Mallorca’s Berber community. This year, January 13th marks the first day of the Amazigh (the word for Berber) calendar, the first month being called Yennayer. A Happy New Year then.

We don’t usually know Berber people as such because we tend to identify them as Moroccans or Arabs when in fact they are neither. Berber are indigenous Peoples of the Maghreb in North Africa and may happen to be nationals of Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali or Niger.

There are quite a number of Moroccans living in Felanitx where I reside. I used to think of them as Moroccans until I inquired a bit further (I am a nosy person, you know) and found out that a large proportion of Felanitx Moroccans are in fact of Berber descent. I suspect that most of them will feel in a festive mood today, this being the beginning of Amazigh Year 2962 in their culture.

The photo (top) was borrowed from the Internet, courtesy of mca-hotels.com. The image (bottom) was borrowed from the Internet, courtesy of amazic-catala.blogspot.com.

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The Berber New Year