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Ex Nicotine

Apologies to all loyal MDPB readers, but due to some medical problems of a rather serious character, there will be a temporary period of no daily blog entries. Even though I had given up smoking 31 years ago, it seems that the heart remembers the sins of a young person. I am abroad at the moment, far away from Mallorca, and far away from computers or anything digital other than hospital equipment, and I do not know at this moment when I will be back and able to once again entertain you. I promise to keep you up-to-date as soon as I possibly can. Molts d’anys.


Just a quick update to let you know that Klaus had his operation a week ago today (28.09). Everything went well and he is recovering well and is in good spirits. He misses his blog and he misses you all. Thanks for your wonderful well-wishes. Thank you.

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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I, too, am an ex smoker, and still worry from time to time about what I might have done to my body.

    We’ll miss your daily messages!

  2. Hey you can’t do this to us. What will I now do while I am drinking my morning coffee? Get well soon Mr Mallorca…we need you.

  3. My friends will wonder why my wonderful knowledge of Mallorca has suddenly dried up! Get well soon – I have to keep up my reputation. Yes – we need you as Mr Hyde said. Fast recovery

  4. In common with all your regular readers, we are rooting for your swift return to wellness and the indispensable MDPB.

    Every good wish – Mark & Judy Hodgkins

  5. Sending all my best wishes for a speedy recovery Klaus. My morning tranche on the computer will not be the same without you.
    Sending hugs and healthy vibes your way, wherever you are.

  6. We will certainly miss our daily MDPB fix! I have sometimes wondered if providing us with fascinating snippets about some of the more obscure aspects of this island on a daily basis without fail for several years in a row wasn’t beginning to get stressful for you. So even if it means we have to wait a bit longer, don’t put yourself under pressure and get back to full health before continuing. Best wishes and gute Besserung!

  7. So sorry you sorry to read this mornings blggg. Good luck with everything. You have a lot of blog readers who can’t wait for you to be back in Mallorca blogging!
    Best wishes

  8. Have never posted a comment before but now that I learn I will not have this daily pleasure I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the blog and will miss it. More importantly, I wish you a complete and speedy recovery. Best regards.

  9. May i wish you a speedy recovery,and that your health returns to 100%.I allways look forward to your daily photo blogs about my favourit Island,Mallorca.
    Get Well Soon

  10. Sehr geehrter Herr Fabricius.
    Gutes Gelingen und eine baldige Genesung!!! Kommen Sie gesund und schnell nach Mallorca zurück.

  11. Have been reading your daily blog for a couple of years – it’s been fascinating, intriguing, humorous and educational. Thank you so much for all your hard work in keeping this going so diligently. I’m sure I join many other followers in saying that, while we will miss your daily snippet of Mallorca, we will all be wishing you well. Sending you the warmest of wishes.

  12. Wish you all the best. Hope you are looked after well and that soon you are back in good health on our beautiful island. x

    • Wish you all the best. ~Hope you are looked after well and that soon you are back in good health on our beautiful island

  13. Good luck, Im a huge huge fan of your blog and do hope you´ll be back soon – otherwise how else can I find small facts to amaze my hotel clients with and claim they are my own?

  14. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. What a shame that I have only just discovered your wonderful blog. The archives will keep me going – please do come back soon.

  15. Hope everything will be good again, Get well soon!
    I actually found this blog yesterday and it was nice entertainment.

  16. Get well really soon, i will miss your morning posts and all that lovely information and wish you a very speedy recovery
    Judy Boden Mallorca

  17. I hope you will recover soon and wish you all the best. I read and enjoy your Mallorca blog every day. It is entertaining and eductional. Thank you very much!

  18. My best wishes for a speedy recovery from Oregon. Your blog has piqued my interest in Mallorca and we are coming over to investigate for ourselves in 2013. Hoping for your continued wonderful blogs when you feel well enough. Nikky

  19. Dear Klaus,

    So very sorry to learn of your health issue. Thank you for being kind enough to let us know rather than ‘disappearing’. Please be assured of my prayers for healing. Tonight there will be a candle lit for you in my window; I’m sure the angels will see its glow. Be safe. Be well.

  20. Hope you’re feeling better and in good health again very soon! Sending healing thoughts your way.

  21. Dear Klaus,
    I hope you manage to recover quickly and wish you all the best for what might lie ahead of you. Thank you so much for the many interesting articles you´ve written over the years.

  22. Dear Klaus,
    I hope you manage to recover quickly and wish you all the best for what might lie ahead of you. Thank you so much for the many interesting articles you´ve written over the years.

  23. Es un día muy triste para los que amamos Mallorca. Siento mucho oír que tienes problemas de salud, espero y te deseo una pronta recuperación. Durante los dos últimos años he estado siguiendo tu blog y sin duda se ha convertido en una referencia. Te agradezco tanto que muestres tantos aspectos de Mallorca y las costumbres de la isla. Te deseo una pronta recuperación y que puedas seguir mostrandonos esos pequeños tesoros que pocos conocen.

  24. Sorry to read this, will miss my daily dose of Mallorca. Get well soon as we say here in Scotland ‘ORRABEST’ ( all the best or best wishes )

  25. Klaus. My thoughts are with you. I remember your kind words when I had a health issue of myself. I hope you are back with us soon and bringing us the most remarkable and diverse looks at Mallorca that no official tourist website could come close to matching.

  26. Wishing you lots of luck for a speedy recovery.
    Can´t wait for you to get back to blogging and informing us of so many interesting secrets that our island keeps concealed!
    All the best

  27. I will miss my daily reminder of beautiful Mallorca while you are away recovering. May you be well. May you be happy. May you be free from suffering.

  28. I have never met you but feel I know you well from your writings. I wish you a speedy recovery and thank you for revealing so much of Mallorca to me, an island I love and visit often. Slan leat ( Irish – good health ) Donal

  29. I sincerely wish you a speedy recover – I love recieving your blogs – Mallorca is a special place & you have opened my eyes to so many different aspects of the island.

    Currently in one of favourite restaurants in Palma with friends talking about your blog & how special it is

    Hurry back soon

  30. So sorry to hear you’re not well. Please get better soon! And thank you as always for your wonderful blog. Jill

  31. Get better very, very soon, Klaus. Miss you and all your wonderful knowledge of the island. Love to you all,.

  32. Dear Klaus, So very glad to learn that the operation went well and that you are on the road to recovery. Please take good care of yourself and come back to the blog only when you are ready. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  33. I have just started reading this blog and I am really impressed with your work Klaus.. people like you are a rarity and people like myself and all all those above love and respect everything you do.. get well soon Klaus..


  34. Thanks very much for the progress report.
    Keep getting better Klaus and come back to us soon. We miss you and are thinking of you.
    Sylvia – Es Llombards, Santanyi

  35. Dear Klaus,
    I’m glad to hear everything went well. I hope you’ll be back soon.
    All the best. We miss you at the Ramon LLull too.

  36. Dear Klaus, I’m sure that someone will be checking the blog. This is just to let you know that you’ve not been forgotten and that you remain in our prayers. David + Naoto.

  37. Well its been a month now without my morning fix from Mr Mallorca.
    Im fed up looking at that bloody cactus so get yourself fixed and get back on line.
    Hope you are on the mend.

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