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The Catacombs at Palma’s Cemetery

Sometimes you get lucky as a photo blogger when often you don’t. I find it quite frustrating when I go out with the aim to take a photograph of a given subject or a wished-for scene, and I don’t manage to get there on time, I am not allowed in, or I can’t capture the moment for whatever reason. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Other times, you stumble upon things or events or scenes that you had not planned for, or that you did not even know existed. Then you feel excited and even might thank your lucky stars.

Yesterday was such a lucky moment. I had gone to the cemetery in Palma to finally see the Mur de la Memòria after two previous unsuccessful attempts. Yes, I did now see the memorial for the victims of the Spanish Guerra Civil that were killed by fusillade between 1936 and 1939 at the very spot. I won’t show you the photo(s) as I covered the subject already a few weeks ago with a photo borrowed from the Internet, so there. But, I also stumbled across something quite unexpected: the catacombs of Palma’s cemetery. I had read about the underground tombs before but, I have never seen them for myself nor have I found them when I had been looking for them, before. Yesterday, I did not look for the catacombs but, stumbled across them, and quite by chance. They are somewhere quite different from where I would have expected to find them. Life is funny sometimes. You may or may not share my excitement but, as this is primarily my blog and only yours’ in the second instance, please see my photo (above) and judge for yourself. You are then free to decide if the cemetery in Palma is perhaps worthy of your visit or not.

Last April, a couple of nighttime outings at full moon were organised at Palma’s cemetery including recitals from poems and novels as well as short theatrical performances involving actors, torches and a brief visit to the catacombs. The itinerary involving the catacombs was accompanied by brief quotations from Dante’s Divine Comedy, symbolizing the time of transition. I did not manage to participate then but, I believe that the organizers plan to repeat such guided tours sometime in the future, full moon or otherwise. Below, there is a video extract of the outings last April. Enjoy.

The photo was taken in Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: July 7th, 2011. The time was 18:07:14. The video was borrowed from the Internet, courtesy of vimeo and Fernando Muñoz.

Muchas gracias.

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  1. I have been wanting to have a snoop in that cemetery for ages…my husband thinks I am odd! Where exactly does one find the catacombs? Thanks for the great info, once again!

    • hi anna,
      enter the cemetery by the main gate, walk up to the main domed chapel, turn left and walk down the steps just before the exit gate, and there are the catacombs.

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