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Frito Mallorquín

If you have lived here in Mallorca for any considerable time, it is inevitable that you should have occasionally been offered some Frito Mallorquín (Catalan: Frit Mallorquí). You certainly will have eaten some had you been honoured with an invitation to attend a Matanza. Frito Mallorquín is a hearty, nourishing dish that somehow symbolizes the Mallorcan character better than any other food item other than perhaps Sobrassada. Frito Mallorquín is basically a meal that consists of offal, in the main liver, plus red and green peppers, potatoes and garlic. If you have never eaten one, may I suggest that you do. Go to a restaurant that serves Mallorcan food, such as the Celler Sa Premsa in Palma, or Can March in Manacor, or any of the Cellers in Inca. The Frito Mallorquín is an indispensable part of Mallorcan cuisine.

Yes, sometimes Frito Mallorquín can be served too greasy, heavy and unpleasant but, there also is some exquisite, non-greasy and very enjoyable Frito. There is an excellent variety with lamb instead of pork which is called Frit den Xot. Plus there is a very delectable Seafood variety called Fregit Mariner.

Should you (or your wife) be of a more adventurous nature, why not have a go for yourself at home. It is really easier than it may sound, and you do not have to slay neither pig nor anything else. You just go to your local butcher. Here is a recipe for 4 persons:

200 g spare ribs
200 g pork meat
150 g pork liver
1 whole green plus 1 whole red pepper, gutted of the seeds
4 potatoes
6 soup spoons of virgin olive oil
200 g of fresh wild setas mushrooms
2 cloves of garlic
2 table spoons of pork drippings
salt and black pepper

Cut the meat and the mushrooms into small pieces. Cut the peppers into strips. Fry all ingredients separately until done. Add them together in a Greixonera claypot. Add salt and pepper. Put on low heat for 10 more minutes. Serve hot.

¡Bon profit!

The photo was borrowed from the Internet, courtesy of

Muchas gracias.

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  1. Had this for the first time a few years ago in The Golden Lion in Pto Pollenca out of sheer curiosity. What a great decision. This starter I would gladly have as a main course. The Golden Lion is better known for its chicken and chips and not the sort of place I would have expected to find this. We have tried it elsewhere in the port and Can Ferrar do a nice one. As regular eaters of haggis we have never been put off by anything made with offal, which for a lot of people is a big putoff. They really dont know what they are missing. Thanks for the recipe, but I am not sure it will taste the same in Surrey.

  2. You can make a nice variation on this using mushrooms in place of offal. (I like the meaty version myself, but offal is a hard sell sometimes when serving friends.) Also, some recipes insist that fennel is an essential — indeed, defining — ingredient in Frito. Lacking a fennel bulb when I made this last, I threw in a pinch of fennel seeds, which did the job nicely!

  3. Hi, great recipe thank you for sharing. May I use this image in the article I am writing on Mallorcan food?

    • Hi Vanessa,
      unfortunately I can not give you permission to use this image, I myself borrowed the photo from and I would kindly ask you to contact them for a possible permission of use.

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