Open Doors at the Consolat de Mar


The Consolat de Mar building on Passeig Sagrera in Palma de Mallorca dates from the early 17th Century.

Originally, it was the official seat of the Maritime authorities, regulating shipping and seafaring in the Balearic archipelago.

Nowadays, this beautiful building is the seat of the Govern Balear, the Balearic Government.

The alluring building is open to the public on only two or three occasions every year. Today, there is such a day of Open Doors from 10h00 to 20h00 on the occasion of the Día de les Illes Balears and the 25th anniversary of the Balearic Statute of Autonomy.

The photo was taken in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The date: February 12th, 2008. The time was 14:45:24.

Open Doors at the Consolat de Mar