Costitx, Bulls and Moors


Costitx is a village in Mallorca’s central Pla area and, apart from its notoriously long time mayoress, is mainly known for its Observatori Astronòmic de Mallorca.

Costitx is also known for the numerous prehistoric sites in the municipality. In one of them, Son Corró, the famous Talaiotic Caps de Bou (bulls’ heads) were excavated in 1923 and privately sold to Madrid’s Museo Arqueológico Nacional de España, where they are now proudly displayed in the section of Spanish Prehistory, much to the annoyance here in Mallorca. Only a replica copy can be seen at the Museo de Mallorca in Palma.


A large Islamic settlement was also in the Costitx/Sencelles area during the reign of the Moors (902-1229), called Juz al’Qanarusa. The village is still proud of its Pou Àrab, a large Noria well dating back to those Arab times. This is where I took my photo.

The main photo was taken at Pou Aràb, in Costitx, Mallorca, Spain. The date: January 24th, 2008. The time was 16:40:48. The Toro photo was borrowed from the website. Muchas gracias.

Costitx, Bulls and Moors