Greixoneras and Other Pots and Pans


Pottery is rather important to life in Mallorca. Just think of the enigmatic Siurells, for instance.

First of all, pots and pans were traditionally made in pottery crafted on the island. Secondly, pots such as the Greixonera (shown here) have the clever peculiarity of being fireproof, a feature that has greatly influenced traditional Mallorcan fare over the centuries such as Sopas Mallorquinas or Tumbet.

The Municipality of Marratxí has the fabulous habit of staging an annual Fira del Fang (Pottery Fair), already in its 24th year.


This year’s pottery fair was inaugurated last Saturday and is now open every day this week, until next Sunday, March 9th, 2008.

The problem is finding the fair, or rather finding Marratxí. There is no town or village of that name, only a municipal area. Several pueblos belong to that municipality, such as Pòrtol, Pont d’Inca, Sa Cabaneta and Pla de Na Tesa, and Festival Park of course. The pottery fair is actually held inside a large restaurant complex called Ses Tres Germanes, in the village of Es Figueral. I hope you’ll find it; it took me three attempts.

The photo was taken in Marratxí, Mallorca, Spain. The date: March 2nd, 2008. The time was 14:35:04.

Greixoneras and Other Pots and Pans