Green Almonds


Thanks to the unusually mild January and February, not only did we see a particularly early almond blossoms season this year, but as a result, we now have the first green almonds, some three weeks early.

Quite a few locals plus many a chef are in the habit of eating this green, unripe fruit or using it in one or the other of their culinary concoctions.

The soft baby almond kernel can be used in a salad or can be sprinkled over a fruit compote. Or you can nibble them just as they are, on their own, perhaps also with a bit of Flor de Sal and/or some Virgin Olive Oil. In the Middle East and in North Africa, you might find a large helping of green almond kernels adorning and flavouring your black tea.

Some Mallorcans eat not just the kernel but ravish the entire green fruit, hull and all. You can try it for yourself. Find an almond tree in your area and pick a green almond, as shown in my photo, and there you go. Don’t pick more than a few to not enrage the tree’s owner. But mind, one has to eat the green fruit swiftly, within a day or two, or else the green almond will harden. Bon Profit.

The photo was taken near Felanitx, Mallorca, Spain. The date: March 4th, 2008. The time was 11:24:38.

Green Almonds