All Winners and No Losers


Election Sunday, three days ago, had a total of 25,514,671 adults in Spain casting their vote in this year’s elections to the Congreso de Diputados in Madrid, such as at this Polling Station in Valldemossa, Mallorca. The turnout represents a participation of 75.34 % of the eligible adult population of Spain.

The overall winner was the PSOE party of the current President of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero with 43.64 % of the vote, giving him 169 seats in Congress, 7 short of an overall majority, but 5 more than four years ago. The PP party of opposition leader Mariano Rajoy, came second with 40.11 % and 153 seats, also 5 more than four years ago.

In the Balearic Islands, it was a similar, if perhaps somewhat unexpected result. The overall winner was the PSOE party with 44.12 % of the vote, resulting in 4 seats in Congress. The PP party came a close second with 44.04 % and also 4 seats. Both Balearic parties had won also 4 seats each, four years ago.

The photo was taken in Valldemossa, Mallorca, Spain. The date: March 9th, 2008. The time was 16:45:53.

All Winners and No Losers