Water Cures


Johan Blaeu published his Atlas Maior in 1665. A magnificent piece of Earth View, some 350 years before Google Earth.

Already at that time, the Baños de Sant Joan de Font Santa (between Campos and Colònia de Sant Jordi) were in existence, and thus, were duly pointed out in the splendid maps of the illustrious Dutchman.

As a matter of fact, some people say that the Spa has been in existence since Roman times. I recommend a visit, a splash and a thermal treatment, now that the Balneario is about to open for the 2008 season (from next Tuesday, April 1st; open daily 09h00-13h00).

For further details, and for medical indications, you might wish to check the balneariofontsanta website.

The photo was taken near Campos, Mallorca, Spain. The date: March 26th, 2008. The time was 13:13:57.

Water Cures