Drilling For Water


A number of people are lucky enough to live in the countryside on this beautiful island.

But in some country houses mains water is not, or cannot be, connected. If so, there are only a number of options. Maybe there is a friendly neighbour with a water source, perhaps a local farmer with a water well. Or, one must rely on the quantities of the annual rainfall to fill the cisterna (water tank). Or else, agua potable must be delivered by a camion de agua (water lorry). 

Or, if the land in question should be well situated, an existing underground water stream can be found.

Drilling new pozos (wells) in Mallorca is now strictly regulated and, first of all, a drilling permission must be obtained from the Water Board, a division of the Medi Ambient department of the Consell de Mallorca. You need to apply for such a permit through the services of a mining engineer. I suggest you enlist the help of a water diviner before you apply, just to make sure that there is water on your land. If so, the engineer can apply to the Consell for a borehole permit. Once that is granted, you should seek the assistance of a company doing perforaciones to locate water with the help of revolving drill tools, such as on the lorry in my photo. You will find a number of specialized companies in the village of Sa Pobla, or in nearby Llubí. Once a successful bore has resulted in finding a water source, a second permit has to be obtained from the Consell to exploit that water source and for the consumption of the water.

The water found in Mallorca by means of boreholes is usually of an excellent drinking quality but, I would recommend having an analysis of a water sample done by a qualified laboratory. Any pharmacy in Mallorca will help you to obtain the relevant certificate.

The photo was taken in Llubí, Mallorca, Spain. The date: November 16th, 2008. The time was 16:47:36.

Drilling For Water

3 thoughts on “Drilling For Water

  1. Here we get to know about how water is useful to us in our daily life and what are the different sources through which we can get water. i.e. either through neighbours, farmers, well water or rainfalls.

  2. Linda Davis says:

    We are trying to find someone in mallorca to check our well. it is dry but we are told that there is still a lot of water there. If not we need a bore.

  3. I appreciate the information on drilling for water, it was very helpful. I agree that drilling for water is a good alternative if you aren’t able to get water any other way, I would imagine that it can give you some great and fresh tasting water. My mom has been looking into drilling for some water around her home, I will be sure to share this information with her.

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