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Freemasonry In Spain

Last weekend, the Gran Logia de España, the largest Spanish freemasonry lodge, celebrated their annual meeting in Mallorca. For three days, Palma de Mallorca turned into something of a capital of the Spanish Freemason world. The assembly was simultaneously used to elect a new Gran Maestro and it would appear that Oscar de Alfonso Ortega, a lawyer from Valencia, was elected. The Grand Master is at age 42 the youngest person to hold this office in Spain in living memory.

In Spain, Freemasonry started to take a hold during the early 18th century but was frowned upon, if not condemned by the Catholic church. Under the Spanish dictator, Miguel Primo de Rivera, Freemasonry was prohibited, and under Francisco Franco, outlawed and prosecuted. It is said that during Spain’s Guerra Civil some 10,000 Freemasons lost their lives. After the death of General Franco, the ban was lifted and Masonic activity was resumed once democracy returned to Spain.

In the Illes Balears, there are a total of nine lodges, five of which in Mallorca, three in Ibiza and one in Menorca, counting some 400 members amongst them. Of the Mallorcan lodges, two converse in English, one in Castellano and Catalan, one in Castellano and one in German. The Gran Logia Provincial de las Baleares was constituted in 1992.

The photo was borrowed from the Internet, thanks to Wikipedia.

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    • Hello,
      I am a mason living in Buckinghamshire and also have an apartment in Illetas. I have tried before to make contact with an english speaking lodge in Palma but have had no success.
      My mother lodge is Cowper and Newton in the province of Buckinghamshire and my rank is PPSGW.
      kind regards,
      Michael Bearman
      ps. I am coming to Mallorca tomorrow. my mobile no is 07748 965667

      • hi Mike,
        the two English speaking lodges in Mallorca are
        Ramon Llull Lodge nº 9 and
        Logia Pythagoras nº 70
        You can find details on the Gran Logia Provincial de Baleares website
        Good luck.

    • hola oz,
      i do not know of a spanish lodge in the 15th century. there may well have been one. the oldest ones i know of in spain were british lodges set up in menorca and gibraltar, during the 18th century.
      The Tribunal de la Inquisición prohibited the masonry in 1738 under fernando VII.
      un saludo.

  1. a ten century lodge did run in spain. it is the kabbala lodge. you need to email this person at tomworrel @ for more info. keep in toking.

  2. 2B1ASk1. Is there any lodge in equatorial guinea? i travel to spain often. can i get a lodge to become a member?

  3. Hello, I am a free macon from a lodge Catena Fraternitatis in Brussels. Next week i’m in Mallorca.
    Is there a lodge where i can go ?
    Patrick .:

  4. Dear Brothers,
    Sending best wishes from Ultima Thule in the north of Sweden. Coming now and then to Mallorca to cycle around and now it is the coming week.
    With the Best
    Lasse Sundin (III)

  5. I’m trying ‘with no success’ to find an English speaking lodge in or close to Barcelona. Can any one help me as I’m relocating there next year and would love to make contact to carry on with my masonic career thanks in advance for any infomation. Richard.

    • Hi Richard,
      I did a Google search for you and came up with this address:
      Gran Logia de España
      Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes nº 617
      E-08007 Barcelona (Spain)
      Tel.: (+34) 93 302 59 91.
      You could also check for additional information and a map on this website:
      If they don’t speak English there, they may be able to direct you to somewhere else where English is spoken.
      Good luck.

  6. Hi, I am an spanish person willing to learn how to be a mason. I live in Palma. I am Christian. How could I contact with the lodge Ramon Llull 9?
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Peterius,
      I don’t know much more than you. I found the following on the Internet: ‘La Logia Ramon Llull nº 32, es la más antigua de las logias de la Gran Logia de España en Baleares. Trabaja en inglés y en Rito Emulación (’.
      Here are some details and contact information for the Gran Logia Provincial de Baleares:
      Alberto Torcal Gimeno
      Gran Secretario Provincial
      Antonio Serra Capó
      Apartado de correos: 20146
      Palma de Mallorca 07015
      Teléfono: 971 73 53 06
      You may also want to visit the Ramon Llull 9 Lodge website where you will find this comment: ‘Membership is open to any men of good repute aged 21 and upwards. Anyone wishing to find out more may email the Secretary for further information’.
      Good luck.

      • Sorry, no, never was, never will be. I’m just totally interested in this and many other topics relevant to life here, on the island of Mallorca.

      • Is it possible to become a mason if you are a christian (catholic) person? Anybody knows that?

  7. You can become a freemason as long as you believe in a higher being ie the grand architect of the universe

  8. The wife and I are thinking of moving to alcudia from Britain and I would like to continue with my masonry life, I’m a 3rd degree and since initiated in September 2015 I’m still fairly new to it all. Any advice… On both masonry and moving to alcudia? (also my wife is a lady mason).

  9. I understand there is a Lodge that meets in Menorca. My friend & I both Past Masters will be on holiday from 10th to 17th April this year and wondered if this lodge meets during the time we are there as we would if possible like to visit.
    Kindest Regards
    Sincerely & Fraternally
    W Bro Keith Hawes

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