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The Festa del Butifarró


From time immemorial the people of Spain have used salt, spices and fresh air to preserve sausages for future use. Over the centuries these skills have been refined to an art, creating a multitude of unique Chorizos, salchichones, Morcillas and more.

In Mallorca, the Queen of sausage preservation is the Sobrassada. If you are a regular to these shores, you will know and possibly even have tried some. I do not know many non-Mallorcans who seem to like its flavour but I admit to liking this embutido made of pork, especially if porcella negre has been used in the production process. I like my Sobrassada on Pà amb oli, preferably on toasted Pà Moreno, soaked in olive oil.

And then, there is the Butifarró (also known as Butifarra or Butifarron). The Butifarró is another kind of Mallorcan sausage, also made of pork meat and animal fat with traces of blood, spices and salt. There are Butifarró blanco and Butifarró negre. The latter is of a much darker colour because more of the first blood shed in the process of being slaughtered is used, giving it the characteristic black colour when boiled. The paler version (shown above) was served last Sunday at the annual Festa del Butifarró, in Sant Joan, a remote pueblo of the Pla region.


Butifarrós are tasty if well cooked or grilled, especially when enjoyed in good company, as long as one likes to soak up some of the local culture. But again, I have not yet met many compatriots who like to get too close to the heart and soul of basic Mallorcan food. Above all, a deep devotion to Mallorcan cultural rituals around food would help a lot.

If you have a chance, try and have some Calamar relleno con Butifarró y Sobrassada (Calamares stuffed with Butifarró and Sobrassada) as an easy way of being introduced to the wonders of these two Mallorcan sausages. A true delight, believe me. Many country restaurants offer this Mallorcan delicacy.

The photo (top) was taken in Sant Joan, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: October 4th, 2009. The time was 13:53:37. The photo (bottom) was taken from the Internet. Credit is due to

¡Muchas gracias!

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