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The Santa Cecília Tour of Convents

At the occasion of Santa Cecília (Sancta Caecilia in Latin) next Sunday (November 22nd), the Ajuntament de Palma has put on a truly tempting programme of visits and concerts under the title Setmana de Santa Cecília. Saint Cecilia is celebrated in the western world as the patron saint of musicians and of Church music. This year, visits are organised to four Palma monasteries and convents that usually would be closed to the outside world: the Monestir de Santa Magdalena, the Monestir de les Caputxines, the Monestir de la Concepció and the Casa Mare de la Congregació de la Puresa. Each visit is then followed by a concert of mostly classical music at that particular monastery.

In this blogging business one has to be on one’s toes the whole time. I am afraid I left it a bit late to tell you, this time. The first two monastery concerts have already come and gone. Last night, there was a concert at the Caputxines convent, a remarkable place indeed dating from the 17th century. You may now have missed a visit to that distinct convent, but you can still go there during December and January, when one of Palma’s oldest nativity scenes will be on display. It would certainly be worth your while.

Two monastery visits plus concerts are remaining, though:

Tomorrow, Friday (November 20th), a visit will be allowed at the Monestir de la Concepció in Carrer de la Concepció at 19h00. Visitors will be shown the despensa de Ca ses Tomàtigues, the amasador (mess hall) and the old horno de leña (wood fired oven). In the patio, we can see the Ca sor Lluïsa underneath the Ginjoler tree. There is an admission charge of 3 € per person. You have to make a reservation by telephone (902.102.365). At 20h30, there will be a concert with classical pieces by Haydn and Brahms, as well as a contemporary work by Iván Eröd (1936). The concert is free of charge and can be booked separately.

On Saturday (November 21st), a visitation will be arranged at the Casa Mare de la Congregació de la Puresa in Palma’s Carrer de la Puresa, also at 19h00. There, we will be shown rooms from the 19th century including the old cocina, parts of the museum and some of the pieces from the collection of the venerated Madre Alberta. Admission is also 3 € per person. Reservations are required by telephone (902.102.365). At 20h30, there will be a concert of classical music by Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Haendel and Corelli. This concert, too, is free of charge and can be booked separately.

My photo shows a clavicordi played by José Luís González Uriol during last year’s Festival Internacional de Música Antiga de Caimari. The photo was chosen from my archive. It was taken in Caimari, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: December 21st, 2008. The time was 21:00:57.

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