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Felanitx In Crisis


Many people don’t like Felanitx. Let me rephrase that: many foreigners consider Felanitx not much of a picture postcard town.

I do love Felanitx, though. I’ve been living here with my family for ten years now. Before we moved into town, we were living in the countryside near Ca’s Concos des Cavaller for over ten more years. Ca’s Concos also belongs to the municipality of Felanitx. We all like Felanitx because real people live and work here. The town of Felanitx is not an artificiality like so many other Mallorcan pueblos; it is not a holiday resort, it does not have a single hotel in its vicinity (other than an Hostatgeria up at the Monestir de Sant Salvador), and it does not have a decent restaurant to speak of (I do not mean to discredit the new restaurant that opened here some four weeks ago; we’ll have to wait and see for that one). Felanitx has a striking absence of all the flashy boutiques and shops that tourists and Northern European finca owners frequent so willingly in Artà and Santanyí, in Andratx and Sóller.

The only thing that many people seem to like about Felanitx, including many visitors, is our Plaça d’Espanya, also known as the Plaça de las Palmeras.

Now, here comes the problem. All of the above is going to change, and change for the worst. The illustre Ajuntament de Felanitx has wisely decided – or not so wisely – that now, just a few months after the new ronda was inaugurated that had only been on the drawing board since 1969, and now that traffic is being diverted away from the narrow streets of this mediaeval town, what Felanitx needs more than anything is more traffic and more congestion in its town centre. To this end it was decided that the Plaça de las Palmeras should be transformed into a multi-level underground car park. Heaven help us.

The clever thing about it is that the Ajuntament will not have to pay for it, or so they claim. A certain Sociedad Anonima will pay for the multi-million project, the very one that has built the ghastly subterranean car park in Inca. If you care to have a look at the transformation of the formerly lovely Plaça de Mallorca in Inca into the current monstrosity of concrete, tell me if it is me who’s mad or if it’s the mandarins in Felanitx’s townhall who are bonkers.

The day before yesterday the surveyors were already busy surveying the Plaça Espanya in Felanitx and taking its measurements, as you can gather from my photo. It may be too late already to voice one’s concern.

Perhaps someone should tell the excelentísimo batle of Felanitx that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Perhaps he doesn’t know. And perhaps one should enlighten the good man of the pitfalls of Public-Private Partnerships before Felanitx falls into that trap.

The photo was taken in Felanitx, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: May 19th, 2009. The time was 10:37:56.

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  1. Terrible news! It appears that the interests of politicians and bureaucrats in the UK, lie in benefiting themselves rather than the communities they serve. So the question here is will this new car park benefit the community of Felanitx or …?

    By the way, I reckon that Estragon in Plaça Peralada is a decent restaurant in Felanitx.

  2. Felanitx is a fabulous ‘warts and all’ Mallorcan town and has a charm all of it’s own. In my opinion it’s a hidden gem and doesn’t need ‘fixing’. I look forward to visiting again for – I think – the 9th time in August.
    It’s a great pity that the ‘sun tan brigade’ don’t take an interest in local Mallorcan life and culture.
    You are very lucky to live in such an ‘olde world’ town.

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