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The Penya Redonda

The Penya Redonda is a hole in a rock not far from the Castell de Santueri, near Felanitx. Even though it is on private grounds one can climb up to it if one doesn’t mind a bit of huffing and a lot of puffing, at least when one is untrained in such cross country hikes. Once there, though, it feels very special. On one side, one can see the Castell, in the distance the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, and to the back the view down to Es Carritxo. And that’s only the views; the feelings are great too. A friend of mine who had been up there before me said that she felt just like that when she had climbed up to Machu Picchu. She felt elated and in harmony with herself and the Universe. Not many places make you feel like that, I suppose.

The Coll d’en Capó is not far from the Penya Redonda. Another friend of mine claimed that there is an old donkey trail connecting the Penya with the Coll, leading onto the Castell, but I have yet to see that for myself, one of these days. I’ll report back to you once I’ve been there.

For hiking routes in Mallorca I would recommend a Mapa Topografico Nacional de España in a scale of 1:25.000. You can get them in Palma at the Casa del Mapa (c/ Sant Domingo, 11). I would also recommend a website giving excellent topographical maps with great detail of any part of Spain. You can get some amazing details the further you enlarge the map; just try it.

The photo was taken near Felanitx, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: May 1st, 2010. The time was 11:36:04. The map is a screenshot taken from my computer, courtesy of, the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino and the Spanish Government.

Muchas gracias.

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  1. The “penya-redonda”-post was very inspiring. Ever since I read it I looked up to Castell Santueri and the neighbouring puigs to spot it – no success till the day I took a spontaneous left turn instead of biking straight up the valley. Is there a “direttissima” to this hole you can recommend? Eastern approach from the valley or western approach starting in Es Carritxo? – Thanks also for the hint to Erzherzog Ludwig Salvator in the other blog.

    • well, now you got me. i don’t think there is any approach possible by bicycle at all to the penya redonda. i only ever walked or rather, scrambled up. my approach was always from the east through the valley of s’horta and on to the eastern foothills of the castell de santueri, through an area called ses aigues, and up. i have been told about an approach from es carritxó but never managed to find it. i still want to find it; perhaps one day i’ll succeed.

      • No! – you got me – my wording was bad. I never intended to make it up to Penya Redonda by bike. Consulting the Sigpac map I probably reached Ses Aigues wheeling and pushing the bike more than cycling. From there it’s really scrambling – maybe some other day, probably next year. Once again: thank you very much.

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