A Night in Heaven


If you ever want to get away from it all, I suggest that you spend a night or two in one of Mallorca’s many monasteries. Like this one, for instance, near Porreres.

The Santuario de Montesión has just been restored to some very good standard with 15 fully equipped guest rooms. Very comfortable indeed, peaceful, solitary and tranquil. Well, most times. Telephone for reservations: 971.647.185.

The photo was chosen from my archive. It was taken near Porreres, Mallorca. The date: October 12th, 2006. The time was 16:37:43.

A Night in Heaven

2 thoughts on “A Night in Heaven

  1. Lisa Thompson says:

    You have clearly gone to a lot of time and effort to put his together. Loved looking at it – albeit now in 2016. I am planning to move to Mallorca in 2-3 years time and have a deep affection for the island having Mallorcan family and visited every year at leats once per year for the past 33 years! There are lots of really interesting places you have highlighted that I have never seen so will be putting them on my “to see” list! Loved the photos and comments – really well done! Thank you!
    Lisa 🙂

    1. mallorcaphotoblog says:

      Hi Lisa,
      thank you for your praise. Best of luck for your planned future move to this island.
      Take care.

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