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Red Underwear


Superstition is a matter of every day life in Spain. This country still has some very conservative habits and attitudes, which is no wonder if one considers that Spain was isolated from the rest of the world for nearly 40 years not all that long ago, during the time of Franco.

One of the more charming customs and traditions with a background in the field of superstition is the habit of wearing red underwear on the last day of the year and in the hours of partying into the early hours of the New Year. Some sources relate this custom to the times of the plague, others refer to religious ceremonies and others yet deny that any viable reason for this craze exists at all.

Be that as it may, it seems that other countries appear to follow a similar tradition, be that Poland, Portugal, Italy or, wait, even China. By the way, the tradition goes for red lingerie for the ladies, but seems to allow for red underpants for the males, just the same. Make your own choice, but please don’t blame me for some possible mishap during the course of 2008.

The photo was taken in Felanitx, Mallorca, Spain. The date: December 23rd, 2007. The time was 12:27:24.

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  1. This “tradition” was unheard of when I was a child… and I’m not that old! This has become popular on very recent years years, some say this come from China (in any case, it coincides with the arrival of immigrants to Spain) and its done more for fun than anything else. Most people I know do not bother about this, but of course underwear sellers try to promote it. We may have lots of traditions and superstitions, but I’m afraid this is not a good example.
    Happy New Year!

    • I completely agree. I think this “custom” was in fashion in Italy first and then at some point it was promoted by lingerie brands. It hasn’t been around for more than twenty years, and I may be generous at this appreciation. I hope nobody will take offense if I say that I find it seedy.

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