Edible Gourds

Cucurbitaceae is a plant family commonly known as gourds, marrows or cucurbits, and includes crops like cucumbers, squashes (including pumpkins), luffas, melons and watermelons. The Spanish call them Calabazas (Carabassa in Mallorquín) and they come in all shapes, forms and sizes, oblong, round, flat or compressed, crook-necked, large and small. All gourds and pumpkins grown in Mallorca are edible but, unfortunately, the fruit is not the staple food any longer that it once used to be. Instead, gourds are often used for decorative means, especially when they come in funny shapes and sizes, as shown here.

The Fira de Sa Carabassa in Muro, in mid-November, concentrates on the larger pumpkins.

The photo was taken in Vilafranca de Bonany, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: September 5th, 2010. The time was 12:37:32.

Edible Gourds

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