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Mediterranean Terracotta Jars

Ceramics have always played a great part in Mallorca’s day-to-day life. Earthenware pots, jars, urns, vessels, tubes, roof tiles, floor tiles, bowls, crockery, plates, lamps and cooking vessels have been fired in Mallorca for hundreds of years, in large wood-fired kilns. Every pueblo to speak of used to have its own Teulera (ceramic kiln) or Ceramica (ceramic workshop), although, in this day and age, ceramic production is somewhat on a decline here on the island.

The Terracotta jars in today’s photo are not typical for Mallorca. They were probably imported from the mainland, most likely from the Murcia area or from Andalucía. Traditionally, those large bellied jars or urns used to be kept for the storage of oil, wine or water. The Romans brought these kind of pots with them, as did the Phoenicians and the Moors. Now and then, you will find lorries on the roadsides of Mallorcan villages having come from the mainland with an assortment of ceramic and other treasures. You may be totally ripped off as likely as you might be able to strike a bargain. It all depends on your luck, your blue eyes or your language abilities. Don’t be shy to negotiate a deal.

The photo was taken in Santanyí, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: August 27th, 2011. The time was 13:30:04.

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  1. Hi,
    After a lot of visits to your site and to Mallorca I finally send you this. I am a bit of a photographer but more specific a Photoshop and NIK Software influencer/trainer for Dutch speaking people in Europe. That is the reason why I frequently come to Mallorca and visit places you mentioned in the articles. My next visit is from september 12th to 22nd. I would like to meet you and have a chat about Mallorca, your photos and photography in general.
    Hope to “hear” from you.
    Han B. Janssens
    from the Netherlands

    • i’ll be happy to meet you, han. i’ll send you a private email for more detailed arrangements.
      regards, klaus

  2. Hello Klaus,
    I too am a very regular visitor to your site and have commented a few times in the past. I mentioned a while ago that we were hoping to get a place here. Well we now live for part of the year near Es Llombards. Your photoblog has been a wonderful link with Mallorca until we got here. It’s still an excellent source of information and fun. Thanks.
    As we live nearby, where in Santanyi did you photograph those lovely pots?

    • hi sylvia,
      i am glad you could finally make it to mallorca on a semi-permanent basis. welcome to paradise. may you enjoy it as much as i did and still do.
      my photo was taken at galería barceló – ca’n llaneras – in santanyi, a shop. they are quite pricey, though. i think you might be able to find the same pots much cheaper when bought off a visiting truck. how’s your spanglish?
      thanks for your kind words. it feels just great to see my efforts so much appreciated by so many.

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