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The Passeig d’Alt Murada

I’d like to tempt you to take a stroll along Palma’s Passeig d’Alt Murada, between La Seu (the Cathedral) and the newly restored Baluard del Príncip. As you amble along on top of the old city walls dating from the 16th century, you’ll pass one or two of the old garitas (turrets) in the photo (above). The stroll will take you on top of Ses Voltes, an exhibition centre, and past the Palau Episcopal and the Museu Diocesà. Outside of the museum, look up on its façade and you will spot one or the other small element, a window for instance or a lamp, designed by Antoni Gaudí, the eminent Catalan architect who worked in Palma’s Cathedral for nearly ten years, one hundred years ago (1903-1914).

Looking over the parapet, you can admire some ferries busily shuttling to and fro as well as some cruise ships calling on the Port of Palma for a brief visit. Much nearer, you’ll have the Parc de la Mar with its artificial lake and its adjoining gardens, including some unusual trees with fascinating flowers. Looking up, with the sea in your back, you can admire Palma’s skyline with its miradores (watchtowers), campanarios (bell towers) and rooftops.

Once on the lower level, you will find the Porta del Mar and a bit further along, La Portella, leading back into Palma’s old town and the D’Alt Vila. You could finish your outing by going to the back of the Palau Episcopal and its Jardí del Bisbe. Enjoy.

The photo (top) was taken in Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: March 31st, 2010. The time was 15:45:48. The photo (bottom) was taken from the Internet. My thanks go to Altamar and

Muchas gracias.

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