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Patatas, Papas and Potatoes

Accent, Lady Cristal, Maris Peer, Accord, Charlotte, Royal Kidney and Folva are just some of the potato varieties grown here in Mallorca. Potatoes are one of the main staples of the European diet and if potatoes are your thing then Mallorca is a rather good place to live in. There is even a special Fira dedicated to the potato in Mallorca. Today and tomorrow, Sa Pobla in the northern part of the island will celebrate a Fira Nocturna de la Patata, a gastronomic Tour de Force of potato bliss kicking off at 18h30. Up to 40 different potato dishes can be tasted in some 25 participating bars, cafés, restaurants and cellers, at 1 €, 1.50 €, 2 €, 2.50 € or 3 € per dish. Don’t be a shy potato.

The photo was taken in Felanitx, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: June 2nd, 2011. The time was 12:23:25.

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