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A Bit Of Maths

A week ago or two, this blog was nominated for The Versatile Blogger award. Whilst I was pleased at first, and grateful to Anita Mac for nominating Mallorca Daily Photo Blog, something did not quite add up. I felt that I had to do a bit of looking into the matter first, before I would do as requested and suggest 15 other bloggers for nomination.

I could not find anything useful on the Internet during my search, or rather, I gave up searching relatively quickly. There were 5,590,000 results on Google under the Versatile Blogger award search, and 4,380,000 results were offered by Yahoo (only 983,000 results by Bing, mind). Perhaps I should not do a search but, should do a bit of maths first. Okay, here we go:

If Anita nominated me amongst 15 bloggers in, let’s say, Round One, and each of us would nominate 15 more bloggers, that would be 225 bloggers in Round Two. Each one nominating 15 more bloggers would result in 3,375 bloggers. Each one of those nominating 15 more bloggers would result in 50,625 bloggers, and we are only in Round Four. 759,375 bloggers will have been nominated by Round Five, and 11,389,615 by Round Six. 38,443,359,375 bloggers would have to exist if this pyramid system ever were to go into Round Nine. The figure for Round Fifteen could not be given by my calculator; the digital capacity of the tool was well beaten by then. Imagine Round Twenty-five, or Round Fifty. Oh, my goodness. I love blogging, but trillions of bloggers is way too much even for my blogging addiction. I know, this planet has now welcomed its 7,000,000,000th inhabitant, but, not all of them are bloggers, heaven forbid.

I am still pleased about the nomination and I do appreciate Anita’s kind thought. I did not carry the torch any further, though, and I think that someone out there must be having a laugh or two by now.

The image was captured from the Internet, courtesy of Google.

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