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Full Moon Today

2008 is a year with twelve moons. That is not an oxymoron; next year, 2009, will be one of the few years when we will experience thirteen Full Moons, at least here in the Northern hemisphere. Tonight, at 23h18 local Spanish Summertime, we can see the eighth Full Moon of this year, in Mallorca.

The moon plays quite a significant role in Mallorcan life, agriculture or otherwise. Mallorcan farmers have always observed the Lunar calendar, and still do, when it comes to pruning their fruit trees, grafting plums onto almond trees, planting new trees, sowing their crop, harvesting their wine, mating their sows or sheep.

I would say that the Mallorcan farmers’ life is governed by the moon much more than by the sun. I dare even claim that Mallorca as a whole seems perhaps to be dominated much more by the moon than the sun, and has always been. Why that should be, one cannot fathom. But that this is so, you will find lots of evidence for. Agriculture as just one example.

The photo was taken in Cala Sa Nau, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: July 20th, 2008. The time was 06:38:31.

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  1. Just look up and count how many full moons you see in a rpw each month.
    I am in Ontario, Canada, and we get between 4 and 6 full moons each month.
    Looking for people around the world seing the same thing.
    A new bright object is also in the sky due south at about 30 degrees up from the horizon.
    To people in Jerouselim it may point north, but here in Ontario it points south.

    Count the moons each night for 3 months and e-mail me your results and where you live.


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