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The Ternelles Hike

You may have read about Ternelles in the Mallorcan local newspapers. About once a year, a large number of mostly young people embark on a hike along the Camí de Ternelles, only to be refused entry into the finca of the same name, property of the ubiquitous March family and their offspring. Last time, a month or two ago, hundreds of protesters actually climbed over the fence and entered, with a local Pollença town counselor amongst them. The good man was subsequently released from his duties; I am not sure what has happened since.

You may also have heard about Ternelles in connection with Sant Antoni and the Pí de Ternelles (the Ternelles Pine tree). Every year in January, a tall pine tree is chosen from the Ternelles estate, felled and stripped of its bark. The tree is then logged with much aplomb and fiesta, and accompanied by a few thousand Pollençeans back into Pollença where in the evening of January 17th a joyful competition is held amongst the pueblo‘s young males to see who can climb to the top of the greased tree trunk to claim the prize. See my blog entry dated January 14th, 2010.

You may also have heard or read that the March finca is closed to the public. Well, I have news for you: Up to twenty people from the public are allowed per day to enter the finca to do the Ternelles hike, all the way from the entrance gate down the lane, or should I say: up, until the Camí de Ternelles reaches the coast and the beach of Cala del Castell. I did the hike the other day and I can assure you: you can not do much better in Mallorca, or anywhere else, really.

The rules of the game are as follows: You have to apply for the excursion in writing. Ring the Ajuntament de Pollença on 971.530.108 and ask for Joanna. She will give you an e-mail address. Send an e-mail and state the requested date and the number of people you would want to bring. The kind lady will liaise with her Batle (alcalde, mayor) and the Ternelles propriety. It may take a week or two, but once successful, you will hear back from the town hall and receive a written authorization for a given date. Present the permiso at the gate. Don’t bring your car or vehicle; only pedestrians are admitted. Bring your own food and enough water to last you for at least three to four hours; you will need it.

The photo was taken near Pollença, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: February 24th, 2010. The time was 12:21:55.

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  1. We are from Ramon Llull High School
    We are using this blog in English class. I like very much this photo. Thank you.
    The Landscape is very beautiful.
    Ismael Mohamed

  2. We are from Ramon Lull High School
    We are using this blog in English class. I like very much this photo. Thank you.
    The Landscape is very beautiful.
    contestame porfavor k si no la profe m pone un 0 xD

  3. Hello! We’re students of 4th year ESO of the Ramon Llull, and we’re using your blog for our English class. After seeing photo, we really want to go to this place.
    We had never known about Ternelles, and now we’re very interested about this landscape!
    The photo is very nice, the water it’s cristal transparent and the environment is beautiful!
    We think that it’s perfect for a family’s hike at the weekend!

    • Hola Yuliana, Simona, José Antonio and Ismael,
      thank you so much for your lovely comments and your and your teacher’s interest in my Mallorca Photo Blog. Perhaps one day we can meet and you can ask me more questions.

  4. Hi, we are a small group of ladies of a certain age who have been visiting Pollensa for a lot of years. I have always wanted to go to the Castell del Rei, and thanks to your information I may just make it this year! I have my form! I wanted to ask you about the difficulty of the walk, I am a strong walker…. I live in the Alpes Maritimes…. but some of my friends are less so. What sort of footwear is necessary?
    Anything you can tell me would be much appreciated!
    Thanks, Christine Barton

    • Madame, the biggest difficulty about this walk is to obtain the permission. Other than that, the walk is really easy, as long as your physical condition is normal and of good health. The walk would take some three hours there and back, plus a bit more if you want to go for a swim in Cala Castell. I would recommend solid shoes. Flip-flops would not last the distance. There is a steep incline after about one hour which lasts only for about 400 metres. One cannot enter the Castell itself but only admire it from down below. The walk is one of the most rewarding of all walks I have experienced in Mallorca.
      Bonnes vacances.

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