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I know that this is a matter of opinion but, if you asked me I would say that I prefer the off-season face of Mallorca to the Summer months.

To be fair and just, one has to say that Mallorca has its good bits and aspects any time of the year. If this was not the case I doubt that we would be living here all year round, for over 23 years now. But the Summer can get a bit busy and hectic, when everybody has less time for you or for good manners. Now, with most tourists gone, and on a nice and sunny day like yesterday, people have more time again for one another and everyone’s behaviour seems a bit more civil than only a few months ago. The sun is less fiery now, even though temperatures can still reach a pleasant 25° C around midday.

Some businesses are shut down for the Winter and, in a way, the whole island seems to be switched back to a lower gear and a rhythm of life with much lower velocity. Mallorca could almost be mistaken for the island that it once was only ten or twenty years ago, before the onset of the boom and bust years of the property bubble and before the madness of Son Moix, Palma Arena and Palau de Congresos. I do not deny that the sleepier months out of season bring with them longer queues at the SOIB offices for the unemployed but, it has always been like that, one way or other. Mallorca has always had a time on and a time off, certainly over the last 40 years, a bit like breathing in and breathing out. Now is the time to exhale and to recharge the batteries, the time for stock taking and the time to remember some of the good ways of old. Autumn is the time of harvesting, the season of matanzas and the period for cleaning up and getting the patterns of life back on track.

Now, Mallorca is a bit like a Sleeping Beauty, ravishing but dormant. Unlike in the fairytale, however, we already know when the sleep will end. The window sign says it all: Closed until February. The prince will come and kiss us awake in the Spring when we are refreshed, replenished and restrengthened. In the meantime make the most of the island’s beauty. Go for a walk or even a hike, discover the hidden gems of Mallorca’s landscape, have a nice meal of local seasonal food and reconnect with your friendly neighbour. Smile and be happy to be here at the best time of the year.

The photo was taken in Portocolom (Felanitx), Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: November 1st, 2010. The time was 12:49:26.

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  1. This morning as I went out for my walk, I was just noticing the same thing up here in Puerto Alcudia. The beachfront restaurants and coffee shops are closed, the beach is mostly deserted (except for the early morning dog walkers and their charges), and the pace of the town has definitely slowed. I like your suggestions — time for more hikes, eating local food al fresco, and enjoying the company of those around you. 🙂

  2. Most hotels closes down in winter and we, in Hotel Colon Palma re-open after a complete refurbishing to all the guests.
    It,s true that the low season makes that 85% Hotels stops activity, but in Palma de Mallorca city most of them keep the doors and services open all year round .
    Winter time is the best to stay in Palma, arrange all holidays activities as excursions, rent a car, sports , etc. and finally have a great experience.

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